Every Christian’s Love Story: The Gospel (love for everyone)

Honestly, I don’t know how to begin this blog post. Valentine’s Day is in just a few days and, there is so much that I want to say to encourage you. We all know that Valentine’s Day is about love. We know that for the singles out there, it can be difficult sometimes to be okay with not having a special someone. We also know (but don’t talk about much) that for those who have lost loved ones (spouses, family members, and friends) it might be tough reminiscing on those joyous times you had with those special people in your life. Well, I want the singles and those who have lost loved ones to know one thing: God’s love is sufficient. I pray that every person would realize this.


I’ve been reading about Jesus’ life a lot lately; throughout the Gospels. Every time I read it, hear about it, and journal about it, I gain a new perspective about Jesus and God’s love. If you have never heard of the Gospel, it is the most glorious love story that you will ever hear.

God created a man named Adam and, later a woman named Eve. They were designed to be perfect and right with Him; sinless. Though, because they sinned, God’s design for us was ruined. Sin separates us from Him and, He didn’t (doesn’t) want that. God knew that if Adam and Eve were easily tempted into sin, the future generations would too. So He did something radical. He sent His one and only son into our sinful world, in the form of a baby, to save the world. This baby was born to, later, die on account of the world and all of our transgressions. He was born to have a brutal death. Jesus was beaten, slapped, mocked, spat on, whipped. He had a crown of thorns twisted upon His head and, He was nailed to a cross for you.

jesus pic

That’s the point. He gave us a love that we don’t deserve.

Now, tell me. Does this not sound like love? Jesus did the extraordinary for the ordinary. Before we were ever born, He knew that this life would be tough and that we would need someone faithful to help us through. Let us singles dwell on this fact and let those who have lost loved ones be encouraged by this fact. Not to say that some days won’t be harder to bear than others, but by Jesus taking on this exceptional act we can be comforted, strengthened, and satisfied. We will all be okay!

If you are a Christian (a Christ follower), you can go through life with God in front of you, behind you, and beside you (Psalm 139:5) and, no matter what happens He will see you through; because you have accepted the free gift of his sacrificial love.

Let us think about God’s true and, faithful love on Valentine’s Day. I pray that for every person who has lost a loved one that they will be encouraged to continuously depend on God for strength to get through this holiday. I pray that you will focus on God’s love during the difficult times of the day. I also pray for the singles that you will not dwell so much on the fact that you are single, but rather dwell on the fact that you need to find total completion in Him and Him alone. I pray that you will learn to be satisfied with Him and continue to grow more in love with Jesus before falling in love with any guy.

With that being said, how can I pray for you specifically? If your prayer request is too personal, I don’t have to publish it out for others to see it. Just let me know in the comments below.


Happy Valentine’s Day – may the love of God invade your thoughts and your heart!






6 thoughts on “Every Christian’s Love Story: The Gospel (love for everyone)

  1. Maggie says:

    “If you are a Christian (a Christ follower), you can go through life with God in front of you, behind you, and beside you (Psalm 139:5)” Thank you so much for writing this, Grace ❤ As a single girl, I definitely needed to read it! It's hard for me to be happy for others when they're in healthy romantic relationships, because I'd love to have one myself. However, the Lord keeps reminding me that He has the right guy for me. What He has called me to focus on right now is finding my worth in Him before I have that relationship. While I do pray for my future husband, I also pray that the Lord would make me into the wife I need to be for him, and I have already learned so much! ❤
    Right now, my prayer request is that I would continue focusing on the Lord and not become burdened by the fact that I'm single. I know that the Lord has beautiful plans for me!


    • Grace says:

      To God be the glory, Maggie!! I’m so glad that this could be of encouragement to you!!

      You are learning some GREAT lessons about singleness. Lessons that we single gals need to treasure and pass on. Keep loving God with all your heart, soul, and mind! Whatever He has in store for you will come in His perfect timing!! ❤

      I've got your prayer request written on my prayer list!! ❤



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  2. LibbyMay says:

    Thank you for this post! It’s so encouraging to see another girl seeking God’s best for her life. Reminders are sometimes one of the most helpful things in life, even thought we know them already. The gospel, even as a Christian who knows it in their heart, can be blessed all over again just to hear it told. And to know that we are loved with a love that is beyond our understanding it really really helps to rest in God’s plan and to know that His way is the best way. As a girl I long to be married one day but I have not doubt and no hesitation in following God’s guidance into wherever He is leading.
    Thank you Grace. 😀 Subscribed.

    My Blog: Geoturtle.com

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    • Grace says:

      Hi LibbyMay!
      To God be the glory! I agree; hearing the Gospel never gets old and never loses it’s flavor. That’s why there is nothing else out there like the Gospel. It’s something that we can hold on to. I am so happy that we as Christian girls have this as our love story whether we are meant to get married or not. Thank you, Lord! ❤


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